Testimonies and experiences ARDE

                                                                  2 October 2018

I am happy to tell you that these three months in ARDE has not been any place to be missionary, but rather a place where I have met and renewed my Faith, this is thanks to each one of the experiences lived on a day-to-day basis both in the life in community as in pastoral work.

These almost three months of experience here in ARDE I dare to say that we have changed life in a special way to each of us, Arde has taught us to give everything in a radical way to Christ, to suffer with the sufferings of the other, to love. Of the things that have marked us the most, there is no doubt the presence of the tabernacle in the house, the knowledge that each thing, in each task of the day, our studies, our mission, we do not do alone, Jesus is with us, Morning prayer, daily communion, has been the force that moves us. We have learned to see God on a daily basis, in the poor, in the dysfunctional family, in the PCI child, in our friends and fellow students, in our community brother. Each day confirms and renews our faith and spiritual life.

Three months have passed since our arrival in this place and without any doubts but to give three months of my life to Christ, he is given to us at every moment. Being part of a community willing to live for others was not something that I had planned in my life and without doubt this opportunity that is given to me is one of the life experiences that most increased my closeness to the Eucharist. In this place I have learned to see and feel God in daily communion, in praying as a community, in presenting our problems and concerns to the Most Holy. God is present among us today and teaches us that he accompanies us at every moment, in children who seek refuge in us, in families without living conditions, in our families who support us, no matter that we are away from home, we know that the Lord has a plan of life for us, it is only a matter of letting ourselves be carried away and he will show us the straight and sure path.

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