Community ARDE Report

A cordial greeting to ALL!
It has been a long time since the last news, so here we share our experiences in this project of God.
The month of May has been a month of great experiences. As Father Bladimir would say, God has given us many “OPPORTUNITIES”, opportunities to meet Him, to bet for holiness, to live and share the joy of the Faith. First of all, to tell you that we have had the opportunity to visit the Virgin in her Copper house in this her month. To be at his feet to present to him all that we have lived this time, to take them to each one of you and all the people with whom we work. There we were in spiritual retreat, it was like being in the Tabor with Jesus.
We have already begun with the project “Surrender in Christ” in order to live the double delivery of Christian Charity: the generous and spiritual dedication to the poorest. Show them company, love, our time, advice, training, etc. Also the material and charitable help, assist you in your needs. As a result of this missionary journey we discovered real precarious realities of food in different families of the village, single mothers with five or more children, with well-marked physical limitations which prevent them from maintaining the household economy. Also in this 5-month walk in the community of the Coquitos, we have noticed spiritual poverty even greater than the material of the children in this area. Tacked to the educational poverty that leads to a loss of values, which makes coexistence in families and in the neighborhood more difficult. So we invite you to collaborate with your prayer for this new dream of God.
Already at the end of the month we had the meeting of the National Council of Mission Country Cuba in Cienfuegos from which we left completely renewed and with many wishes to go out and announce Christ and this Cuban land.
We continue with our pastoral tasks and already in the preparation of the next community of missionaries, for which we also ask for your prayer so that, committed to Mary, they can take Cuba to a true encounter with Christ. Here we leave their names: Guillermo, Juan Pablo, Javier.
Dear friends, you can continue to count on all our prayers from the highest Tabernacle of Camagüey, we also count on your prayers.
A giant hug in Christ and we wait for your news

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