Seminare Foundation and Hogar Don Orione

Planting project at the Monte Tabor School, collaborating with school students, teachers, staff and children with disabilities at Hogar Don Orione.

“SEMINARE” it is a non-profit association that was born in response to the exhortation of Pope Francis that Christians give an answer from Christ to the suffering of man. In the Foundational Act of the Association “SEMINARE” it is indicated that its constitution is based on two principles that preside over the exhortation of the Holy Father: the contemplation and praise of the Lord through our brothers and nature . This avoids the negative ecologism – in which man is treated as an enemy of the “Common House” -; On the contrary, the fact that man is the only one capable of improving and enhancing Nature beyond its own strength is given importance..

“SEMINARE” wants to be a “seed” easy to plant in any community: Parish, schools, group of friends, families, etc. It will be enough for a person to decide to promote it within the community to which it belongs so that the “seed” grows and its fruit.

All the action of the Association is carried out with volunteers. Each group that joins the “SEMINARE” initiative will have full autonomy to grow in Faith using the means that “SEMINARE” puts at their service.

On May 18th, it was an intimate day of collaboration between the Newest Times Foundation, Seminare and Don Orione: we proceeded to replant all the playgrounds of the Monte Tabor school in collaboration with students, teachers and staff.

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