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I would like to propose a binomial that could be formulated like this: ‘Church on the way out – laity on the way out’. So, also you look up, look ‘out’, at the many ‘far’ of our world. (…) By giving them the blessing, I send them as missionaries in the coming years. “(Pope Francisco in the Jubilee 2014-Centennial of the Schoenstatt Foundation)



Tiempos Más Nuevos Foundation has a strong character of Service to Society and a close relationship with Schoenstatt, ecclesial movement with a strong character of service to the Church . But new impulses are always needed, and as the Holy Father Francisco said, go out to meet the most needy. This has inspired different apostolic projects.

Going out on a mission means that we lay people responsible for bearing witness to the faith that has been given to us. The mission is not only the task of the consecrated, but of any baptized person.


  • The Schoenstatt charisma of BE FAMILY responds very well to a concrete need of Cuban society, where creating and strengthening families is needed: the family as a base of development, of education, of recovery of the identity of the person.
  • Schoenstatt is a pedagogical movement , in which, through the development and strengthening of personal and supernatural bonds, the person becomes self-educated and becomes more aware of his mission or personal ideal < / strong>, which allows many people to get out of mediocrity and the hopelessness derived from the lack of personal horizons.

The mission project Cuba is a project of Evangelization and a pedagogical project, born with the desire to deliver what we have received: a testimony of FAITH, FAMILY and CHURCH. But after two years of mission, we have found that both countries, because of their particular conditions and characteristics, can help each other grow and get closer to God.

In Cuba they need a new evangelization, after a political regime that has annihilated the presence of God from the sphere of public life (and with that also of private life), they need the testimony of families of what the lived gospel means, to teach the fruits of the education of children in Christian values, and to be an example of a married and family lifestyle as proposed by the Catholic Church.

And to us, children of this society of well-being, it makes us very well to uninstall ourselves from our comforts, to know the courageous testimony of faith of many people who have persevered despite the persecution, to know the generosity and detachment that are born of simplicity and material precariousness, and refocus on what is important, untying ourselves of what is “blunting” us.


In 2015, a group of girls opened the way to this land of Mission. In 2016, a mixed mission of families and young people continued the task of accompanying and helping to build the life of faith of the parish community of Santa Cruz del Sur (Camagüey).

In 2017 and next years, we want to continue with this mission, because the life awakened after the mission needs a longer accompaniment.

Fortunately, there are quite a few families willing to dedicate a few weeks of their vacation to go on missions; However, the greatest difficulty lies in the economic sustainability, which allows covering the costs of a family transfer between Spain and Cuba.

One of the initiatives that is underway in Santa Cruz is the Pastoral Center associated with the activity of the Parish.

Living up to its name (Centro de Promoción Integral Humana) It meets different needs:

  • School support.
  • Computer and English training courses.
  • Art Workshops.
  • Attention to children with disabilities with the Project “Refuge of Hope”.
  • Promotion of the craft initiative with the “Cuba undertakes” project.
  • In addition to the summer camps for children “Awakening Talents”, in which many varied activities are offered to more than 200 children around Santa Cruz for 3 days.

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    In addition, in the Parish of Santa Cruz the following needs are attended:

    • in the social dining room , weekly, cooked food is distributed to many people who can not meet their basic needs.
    • There is also a laundry service , staffed by volunteers from the parish, to help in this task those people who can not do it alone, especially the elderly.
    • Funds and materials are collected that can be used to supply medicines, clothing, shoes, cleaning supplies and school supplies.
    • Care in emergencies or natural catastrophes: Cuba is a country hit quite frequently by cyclones in the Caribbean. On those occasions, thousands of families are literally homeless, and they lose absolutely the few assets they could have. On these occasions, from Spain, we carry out special campaigns that can help replenish these families, and help them return to a normal situation as soon as possible. We collect sheets, towels, kitchenware, food, etc.

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