The T + N Foundation has been constituted for the promotion and expansion of the pedagogy and educational charisma of Fr. Kentenich, and its application to the concrete needs of Spain in the 21st century. The scope of action is focused on promoting and facilitating the implementation of schools and educational centers, public communication projects, as well as other types of educational and social initiatives linked to the Schoenstatt movement in the world; its objective also extends to collaboration, alliance and linkage with entities that either by ideology or related values complement and allow us to join forces in the achievement of our respective goals.


Create a network of people and entities committed to contributing to the human and spiritual development of people, with the application of their own pedagogy that makes each one grow according to their originality.


Honesty: we all know what is expected from us and we are proud to know that everyone’s resources are used exclusively for the success of our projects.
Generosity: we throw our best effort in achieving maximum dedication and delivery of all to concrete the objectives for which we fight without giving in to particular interests.
Respect: we know that people are the fundamental pillar of the foundation, we believe in the dignity of the person and therefore we work with due consideration to them and the tasks they perform.
Coherence: our dreams and projects are in accordance with the ideology, mission and vision of the foundation, and all internal and external relations are based on Christian moral and ethical principles.
Commitment: everyone in their area feels and acts as fully responsible for their task, while we collaborate together in the common goal.