Purpose and Scope
This Ethical Code serves as a guide for all working people, volunteers, participants of work groups and commissions, suppliers and other organizations or people related to the T + N Foundation.
Its objective is to identify and present the set of principles and commitments of ethical behavior, whose understanding and application contributes to an ethical and responsible management in the development of the actions carried out by the people, collaborating entities and organizations linked to the TIEMPOS + NUEVOS FOUNDATION.
This content applies to all individuals, organizations and companies that have some type of relationship with the TIEMPOS + NUEVOS FOUNDATION. Adherence to this code is mandatory for the groups mentioned above and voluntary for other groups that wish to join the commitments set forth in this code.
In any case, its acceptance implies the commitment to fulfill it in its entirety.

The values of the Tiempos + Nuevos Foundation to which the people and related organizations are added are the following:

Those of our foundation:

Honesty in the relations with all the people who participate in the foundation and its projects, with the collaborating entities, with the public administrations and with the suppliers.
Generosity in the maximum dedication and delivery of the people involved, to the projects of the foundation and associated entities.
Respect for people as a fundamental pillar of the foundation and to all collaborators and groups of interest.
Coherence with the ideology, mission and vision of the foundation, and in all the internal and external relationships that must be based on the most demanding Catholic moral and ethical principles.
Commitment to society through the projects and programs that are defined, and effort to complete them according to the goals and expected results.

To these values we add those others that are part of our idiosyncrasy as an organization that follows the pedagogical principles of Father José Kentenich:

Welcoming to all people who come to the foundation, either in search of help or with the intention of collaborating, so that they feel integrated and part of the common effort.
Linkage with the people that constitute the organization and the places where their projects are developed, as a means of developing a healthy and enthusiastic commitment to the purposes of the foundation.
Teamwork, aware that the efforts, and with them the results, are multiplied through the loyal participation of everyone in the common tasks, subordinating the individual to the group objective.
Conflict of interests that are clearly defined at all times to ensure the achievement of the goals without interference from particular interests, and guarantees transparency in the processes.
Passion for discovering new ways of positively influencing society through continuous innovation of tools, techniques and good pedagogical practices that help people reach their full development, whatever the circumstances in which they find themselves.

RELATIONS WITH THIRD PARTIES: individuals, collaborating entities and society in general

  1. Behavior and Independence

Integrity, competence, independence, objectivity and professionalism will be the behavior guidelines of the individuals or organizations linked to the Tiempos + Nuevos Foundation.
Any conflict of interest that may affect the objectivity or independence of the work developed by the Foundation must be communicated immediately to the management in order to agree on the appropriate measures. The monitoring and control of this aspect is expressed in the contracts signed with the entities that adhere to this Code of Ethics.

  1. Management of Common Interests

Any particular interest that the individual or organization linked to them has in the products or services produced or acquired by the Foundation, as a consequence of the work generated in their projects or programs, must first be brought to the attention of the foundation’s board. The remunerations, commissions or other benefits arising from any work carried out as a consequence of the relationship of the individuals or entities adhering to the foundation without knowledge and approval of the patronage of the foundation are strictly forbidden. It is understood and expressly accepted that the individuals/entities linked to and adhering to this Code of Ethics will not provide services to companies or entities of the competition or that provide similar or related services to the activity carried out by the Foundation.

  1. Confidentiality

All the information received is treated confidentially, arranging the appropriate measures to guarantee its protection against access by unauthorized persons, as well as against the risk of destruction or loss of it. No individual/organization will take advantage of the information collected for its own purposes, nor will it offer it to others without the express authorization of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. This commitment is extended to employees who, due to their professional performance, have accessed said information, which sign an individual commitment of confidentiality.

  1. Management of Objectives and Transparency

Prior to the acceptance of any work, all the relevant components of the same, such as the scope, objectives, execution deadlines, work plan and costs, should be known and accepted by both parties.
Likewise, the specifications of the task, commission or any other intervention formula, are explicitly detailed, including objectives, terms, necessary resources and associated costs. These conditions have been previously agreed by the interested groups, based on the criteria of transparency, proportionality with the expected effort / benefit and in relation to the best applicable market conditions.

  1. Hiring of Employees

The Foundation explicitly renounces the hiring of workers from its related entities without prior knowledge and express consent of the same.

  1. Expectations and Project Management

The expectations and benefits derived from the Projects or Services provided by the Foundation and its affiliated entities must be realistic and have been established and mutually agreed upon.
The development of the Network is aimed at satisfying the objectives of all its members, seeking the maximum effort/benefit optimization. The planning of tasks, resources and execution deadlines should be as realistic as possible, according to the information available at all times, avoiding unnecessary delays or costs not foreseen in advance, without the timely knowledge and approval of the Board of the Foundation, who guarantees the sustainability of the projects before third parties.

  1. Responsibility and Professional Training

Individuals and organizations will be extremely rigorous in the identification and selection of opportunities, having previously ensured that they have the experience and competencies necessary for the development of the work. All individuals involved in a project will meet the requirements of official accreditation that may arise from the nature of the project itself (technical qualifications, possession of valid licenses, accreditation of competences, etc.). Throughout the development of any project will be guaranteed the dedication of the resources committed, both in number and in competencies.

  1. Gender Equality

The Foundation continually strives to maintain criteria of objectivity, impartiality and equality among all individuals or organizations linked. The interest of the individual, organization or organism for which a project is developed or presented will prevail over any other alternative.
The individuals and entities linked will always act on behalf of the Foundation when it comes to projects generated through the relationship with any of our organizations.

  1. Law Enforcement

The board of trustees and other managing bodies of the Foundation will ensure the exact compliance with the legislation in force. If during the development of the activities of the individuals/organizations are detected practices that contravene the current legislation, corrective measures will be taken and the facts will be brought to the attention of the corresponding authorities.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

In the development of the activities of the individuals/organizations linked, the intellectual property rights of other organizations are respected, not using programs or documentation reserved or protected by copyright, without the prior consent of their legitimate owners.

  1. Truthful Communication

In all communication and marketing activities, the contents will be adjusted to reality, avoiding actions that involve defamation, discredit, slander or disparagement of competing organizations.

We are open and appreciate any communication about any known breach of this code, as well as suggestions for improvements that will help us make it more complete and adapted to reality, to ensure its compliance and our commitment to society. You can direct it to the contact person that is on our website or to the foundation’s board.