The T+N Foundation was created October 18th 2001 by initiative of The Secular Institute of Schoenstatt Father´s, with the collaboration of a group of laics from the Family Federation and the Family League from Schoenstatt movement in Spain, that worked together in order to develop media and concrete initiatives to transmit and expand the richness of Father Kentenich pedagogy to the actual society. Their mission is to promote and teach the pedagogy and educational charisma of Father Kentenich, adapting it to the specific needs of Spain in the XXI century. Is a nonprofit Foundation, registered in the Protectorade of Foundations, and its scope of action is focused in facilitating the startup of schools and educational centers, as well as other varieties of educational initiatives; its main goal aims for other areas such as communication, investigation, experience sharing and support to the necessities and concrete projects in Spain and in developing countries.
– 2006: Monte Tabor Schoenstatt School opens its doors to the public. http://www.colegiomontetabor.es
– 2015: creation of José Kentenich´s Higher Education Center, Foundations next key project, that aspires to give continuity to formation in the professional field.
–In 2015 a collaboration agreement is reached with Invenio de Costa Rica University, with the intention of experience and knowledge sharing between two organizations twinned both by their belonging to Schoenstatt and by their dedication to the field of education.
– In 2016, brotherhood with Parish of Santa Cruz del Sur (Camagüey, Cuba) is signed, becoming an aid engine for the so-called “Mission Cuba”. From its origins, the Tiempos + Nuevos Foundation has actively participated in social projects and extraordinary campaigns in order to help the región from natural disasters such as Hurricane Matthew and Typhoon Haiyan.
– By the end of 2016, an agreement with the Pentecostés Foundation for collaboration is materialised. It is an important foundation specialized in education, focused in the continuous training of teachers.