14 November, 2018

Monte Tabor Schoenstatt School

Monte Tabor Schoenstatt School


The Monte Tabor Schoenstatt School is a Catholic educational center, whose aim is to train complete people, who integrate, along with academic excellence, a solid formation in the values of the Gospel, understood as a way of living (of feeling, of decide, to act and to relate). Respectful, autonomous and socially committed people to build freely and critically the society of the future.

For this integral training, two fundamental areas are addressed:
• A Pastoral Action Plan and Tutorial focused on promoting human and religious values and putting them at the service of society.
• AWAKENING OF LOVE TOWARDS THE MOST NECESSARY, through concrete actions that take place each school year:

1.Solidary Mile: Annual race in order to raise funds for specific social actions in economically depressed areas.
2.Social Dining Room San Simón de Rojas de Móstoles: Permanent and periodic collaboration with this soup kitchen for the destitute.
3.Missionary Week: Students in the 1st year of high school dedicate one week of the school year to work in different care centers (nursing homes or disabled). There they work together with the staff of the center as volunteers, coming into contact with realities such as pain, old age or illness, which helps them understand what they can contribute to this society.
4.Solidarity Dinner: annual appointment to raise funds for different solidarity projects (school in Burundi, dump in Argentina, school in Chile, etc).
5.Christmas Food Collection Campaign: 4th ESO students organize this campaign in which each Christmas around 1500 Kg of food is collected and distributed to disadvantaged families in Madrid.
6.Domund Campaign: raising awareness among young people to support Missions in third world countries.
7.Extraordinary Campaigns: such as Hurricane Matthew in Cuba, helping to re-equip homes and rebuild areas devastated by the hurricane, or Typhoon Haiyan, which devastated the Philippines in 2013.

Always from the prism of the Christian humanism, in which it is wanted to take care of the integral needs of the person, from the Monte Tabor Schönstatt school several aid related to the Education and the Volunteering are managed:
1.Scholarships to help with education for families that need it.
2.Dining scholarships.
3.Help for students with Special Educational Needs.
4.Promotion of volunteering through different institutions.
5.Partial or total scholarships for participation in pastoral activities or pilgrimages.

Management of External Scholarships
6.CAM Scholarships.
7.Furniture scholarships. From CAM, the needs of each student with motor needs are assessed.